Meet Dunkleman.

Boy, did he blow it.

He was cohost of American Idol at the exact moment it took off and became

an international phenomenon.

And then he quit. Walked away. Gave it up for some stupid reason like “integrity.”

Simon Cowell put it best when he said that Dunkleman made “the biggest mistake in the history of show business.”

He could have been a millionaire. Instead, he’s a punchline.

And now… he’s the center of a new scripted comedy series about a man who made a choice and must live with it… every single day.

That’s American Dunkleman: friends who blame him for ruining their lives… a wife who may have second thoughts about changing her name to “Mrs. Dunkleman”… an agent who’s running out of options when he’s not praying to Mecca… and an industry that can’t believe this guy’s still out there!